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Why do I need COMPRESSED AIR from RifleCX?

How much an underrated product it is and how much needed… How many times at the shooting range or during competitions have you fought for a better time in the sand and dust? How many times while carrying a weapon, especially in an internal holster, have you noticed threads, clothing material or other “lints” on it? – And that’s what COMPRESSED AIR from RifleCX is for.

You can try to wash the sand with WASHER from RifleCX – you will probably get a beautiful mud locally. It is definitely better to remove such residues with COMPRESSED AIR from RifleCX before using the GUN CLEANER from RifleCX. And after washing and maintenance, instead of using an inaccurate cloth, simply blow out the moisture from selected elements, e.g. the needle chamber, which should always be dry. But why shouldn’t I buy the cheapest air instead of COMPRESSED AIR from RifleCX? It’s one… dog.

Unfortunately not. COMPRESSED AIR from RifleCX has optimally selected pressure and does not contain water. This is especially important for firearms and optical elements such as collimators and scopes. Leaves no traces after cleaning. And RifleCX Weapon Cleaning System is complete – the point is that each preparation is of the highest quality and can all be purchased in one place, without tedious searching for subsequent items.


Put the tube on the tip of the applicator. Direct a precise stream of COMPRESSED AIR from RifleCX at the elements you want to dry or from which you want to remove dirt. Use to remove sand or dust.


A strong concentrated blow of dry air cleans the elements of the weapon from solid dirt and remains of cleaning agents and water. Reaches inaccessible places. Leaves no traces. Reduces cleaning time. Tested on weapon components – is a safe element of the Weapon Cleaning System.

Capacity: 500 ml. 

Tube for precise application. 

360°: operation in any can position.

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Compressed Air 500ml | Riflecx

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