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What do I need RifleCX BARREL FOAM for? 

After all, I can use remover and wiper, remover and wiper, remover and wiper…. You can… BUT you will never clean the barrel as thoroughly as with our BARREL FOAM. Thanks to its unique composition, it remains decompressed in the barrel for 10 minutes, thoroughly cleaning every millimetre of the barrel duct. Thick, does not flow after a few minutes and just works all the time. You don’t have to bother scrubbing the barrel with a cleaning rod – you just put it aside and clean the other elements of the weapon with RifleCX preparations. After ten minutes, it is enough to wipe the barrel with two or three wipers, a soft bristle brush and voila! you have a mirror barrel.

BARREL FOAM from RifleCX, although intensively working and removing powder residues (carbon deposits) and baked deposits of copper, nickel and lead, is safe for barrel grooves – suitable for any type of firearm. Thanks to the 60 cm long tube, you can clean the barrel of any length. You can also clean gas pipes with it. Gives you a good night’s sleep without worrying about rust on your equipment.


It is perfect for cleaning the barrel, even when it is of considerable length. Foam applications are possible thanks to a 60 cm tube, thanks to which the foam tightly fills every centimetre. The foam reacts with the dirt, softening it – which facilitates subsequent cleaning with a brush. Unlike many other foams – the RifleCX foam retains its density throughout its operation – which translates into thorough cleaning of the barrel.

After application, it stays in place of dosing for about 10 minutes. We recommend using a ramrod later to ensure that the barrel is perfectly clean. then use the wipers until the remaining dirt is removed. Then use a felt brush.Discoloration may occur with poor quality oxide. We recommend making a control test on a small metal surface.


An alkaline cleaner specially developed for barrel cleaning. The composition ensures perfect wetting of the washed surfaces and effective emulsification dirt, thanks to which we get very good results after the first use. As a rule, we do not have to repeat the application of the foam, saving time and money. The preparation includes specially selected sets of compounds surfactants, as well as corrosion inhibitors, which, although it is a product water, will prevent corrosion of the metal. Removes the remains of powder, carbon deposits and other dirt from the barrel duct. Does not leave deposits on cleaned surfaces. The 60 cm long tube enables accurate application even in very long barrels.

Capacity: 500 ml.

360°: operation in any can position.

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Barrel Foam 500ml | Riflecx

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